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In the strings of my mind, I still wonder!

  Written by Aneeza Atif At that tender age of being a child, I was a young lad with numerous goals that shined like pearls in my eyes. No ...

 Written by Aneeza Atif

At that tender age of being a child, I was a young lad with numerous goals that shined like pearls in my eyes. No sense of responsibility, no worries of the ride of life! My biggest fear then would probably be to lose my favorite pencil. wow! what sort of days they were!! 

Like all people of my age, every time I opened my art notebook, I drew a sun at the corner of the page; the way I liked it, my adamant grip on my mom’s wrist just like how I hold onto my emotions at present!! my father walking a step ahead with my little sister. This was my only concept of a household, a family at that point. My bike though was an integral part of that scenario but still!

At that tender age, I was only imagining us four members living together and going for a walk in the park every evening. Never did I think, whether all of this was that simple and straight the way it looked to me? But at that carefree age, I used my heart instead of my mind to think and make decisions.

The best part about childhood is that things are less complicated, your hope keeps you going, and you have the capability to do wonders with your thoughts. For me, happily ever after existed, not as a vision in my mind or in some fairy-tale my sister told me about but in this very real world. I had to make my own happily ever after for us four. My whole world was confined to my significant four, MY FAMILY. 

Gradually, I grew up and started realizing that relations are not all about celebrating happy moments or those walks in the park. There is just so much more to it! 

Sacrifice is the keyword in this respect, I believe. When you love someone truly, deeply and madly there is just no limit to be selfless anymore. Your own happiness gets confined to that one person’s smile. That little curve could do wonders! Remember that ice cream you so dearly wanted to eat but one smile from your sister and you instantly gave it to her. If somebody asks me why, I myself won’t have any explanation. Love is like that; no justifications and no clarifications, it’s all about priorities. Unexpressed care and unacknowledged gestures. Ah! what a combo. 

Looking back at time drowns me in a sea of memories. I guess the clock was on a fast-forward mode. My family is split. My sister learns in one part of the world whilst I reside in the other. My parents spent their old age together yet alone: Strange.  

Whenever a child sees a grown-up, he wishes to be one but then you like food from someone else's plate, don’t you? 

I wish I could turn back time and build my own happily ever after, devoid of worries and worldly concerns. Imagination is such a bliss! 

Go back home today and be merry with your families for they are those who give life to your imagination. Be grateful that you have somebody to be your strength in the weakest of times. Love your parents for you will know their importance the day you will have to visit the graveyard to see them. In the end, it is all about spreading love and more love!