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Climate Change - Just a buzzword or reality?

Climate change and related jargon have been in the limelight for years - But man still argue about its authenticity. Written by Beenish Amee...

Climate change and related jargon have been in the limelight for years - But man still argue about its authenticity.
Written by Beenish Ameen

Climate change, global warming, carbon footprint, deforestation, urban flooding, mitigation, fossil fuels, rising sea levels, food security… and so on.

We are bombarded with these terms all the time. And many of us tend to ignore them because they seem irrelevant. 

We think, why should we care?

But here is the reality check for you! 

Climate Change is not an irrelevant topic anymore! It has reached our homes and mended personal choices and preferences. 

Wondering how? Here is the evidence:

  • You are witnessing extreme monsoon floods every year and now started to think about shifting to a new space where urban flooding cant submerge your basements or destroy your cars.
  • You are paying high prices for rice, wheat, grains, and clothes, not only because of economic meltdown and corruption but because of the floods that destroyed our crops last year. 
  • You are witnessing flood affectees (better called Climate Migrants) around- in urban centers specifically - in search of a stable home and source of earning. 
  • You are buying bottled drinking water at expensive rates because the government is not providing this utility for free like in other countries. Reason? Water shortage - Caused by? Climate change! & Fueled by? The poor management of relevant authorities. 

So the climate change phenomenon is not just about melting ice sheets that will affect polar bears - that we - the people living in city spaces ignore. But it is about how our decisions of making a home, buying stuff, and managing finances are impacted by it.

Despite the evidence, some still deny the reality of climate change. However, most scientists agree that climate change is real and humans are the primary cause.

As we witness its devastating effects, it's important to ask ourselves: 

What kind of legacy are we leaving for future generations? Will they inherit a world ravaged by our neglect, or will they have a chance to thrive on a sustainable and resilient planet? The choice is ours.

Climate Beats is a solo podcast produced under the student-led magazine EHLAM, that aims to raise awareness about climate change and related topics. The name "Climate Beats" symbolizes the notion that the climate is beating like a heart and emphasizes the importance of taking action to protect it. This podcast has a strong focus on educating and engaging its audience, inspiring them to make a difference and take action in the fight against climate change. Come and join us on a journey towards a more sustainable future. Subscribe @ehlammagazine for more.