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Educational turmoil in Pakistan due to cramming!

“Theoretical knowledge becomes meaningless, if it cannot offer practical solutions to existing problems.” ―  Gift Gugu Mona Written by Aqsa ...

“Theoretical knowledge becomes meaningless, if it cannot offer practical solutions to existing problems.”
― Gift Gugu Mona

Written by Aqsa Noor

Education plays a crucial role in national progress, it lays the foundation of the country, it doesn't only develop a sense of responsibility rather it creates awareness in people regarding their socio-economic, political, civil, cultural, fundamental and individual rights.

An educated nation can better understand its national status and compete globally and it can up bring the society where it is meant to be. It encourages economic development and inevitably nation becomes more prosperous by using their skills in their respective fields in national development.

Pakistan being a developing country is facing a lot of problems in its progressive journey such as political instability, social degeneration, reverse discrimination, religious ferocity and sectarian savagery.

The first national education conference was held in Karachi in 1947 under the supervision of founding father Quaid e Azam in which new policies were discussed and introduced for future educational development and to illuminate the sense of honour, dignity, integrity, devotion, and selfless service to the nation.

Several educational commissions were created to make this sector influential and stronger than ever before, but these policies were not implemented the way they should have been and education has been compromised for so long.


Cramming is a quagmire and waste of time -the situation of students is alarming today and we should be meticulous about our educational system- which tends to focus on memorisation instead of understanding concepts.

It is considered an easy way to get higher marks in exams, but most of the time students do not make their concepts clear about topics because it is time-consuming. It is like an addiction, once he adopts it, there is no way to go back. Students do not prefer to brainstorm and use their skills.

Cramming is only beneficial until he remembers the things but as soon as time passes, students forget everything they have read or studied. Cramming is a cause of shame for students when they are asked about certain things and they do not remember.

Students under duress prefer to study without going into the depth of topics -which leads to ambivalence and lack of practical knowledge in concerned fields- nevertheless, this behaviour has caused severe harm to our education system and students are deprived of groomed, counselled and well-driven personalities.

Subjects do not only enhance the subjective knowledge rather they create a sense of general consciousness, and high moral standards, upgrading the calibre, ethics and etiquette, which will be the driving force for them to achieve high in life and to acquire their national goals.

Our educational system is going through miserable conditions, nonetheless, it is a nourishing force and contributing factor in the betterment of the nation, it empowers students to think in a wider manner as they can develop themselves rationally. Moreover, the primary goal of getting an education is to get a job and earn money only, while these are very minor objectives to think for.

Intend to get an education should be pious enough to learn new things because students will be able to think critically and propose ideas and projects when they learn the things to be creative and productive but not an employer only. Students must be encouraged to learn skills and get the expertise to create a balanced society...

Reading and memorising several pages in a short period is not a guarantee of a successful future but continuous and consistent eagerness to learn new strategies can be!

“Theoretical knowledge becomes meaningless, if it cannot offer practical solutions to existing problems.”
― Gift Gugu Mona

Because learning is intuitive in humans, therefore, it opens the door of free will, opinion-based society -which comes from dialectical thoughts and beliefs and courage to face the facts of life- when they understand the wisdom of real education, money will come instinctively they do not need to run behind it.


It has been observed that human tends to rely upon familiarities, and he does the same with study material, it is in our general conscious that we are committed to memory while cramming sometimes stay in our sensory and memory system, which leaves an impact on the brain that –it is something I have gone before or seen it- but it is not an easy task to recall something than recognise it.

There are different types of memory, which are supported by different parts of the brain, temporal lobe contains a large number of substructures, language, face recognition and perception. It contains a crucial part, which is the hippocampus -which is responsible for memory, learning and emotions-

Recognition is easily affected, when information is carried out through sensory areas of the brain, such as the visual cortex -when you're looking at your study material/books- The recall is carried out by the frontal cortex and temporal lobe, which creates a memory through the hints given by you.

Let's suppose if (the visual cortex in the occipital lobe is preparing the pages/content after 3 consecutive hours of looking at them, doesn't mean that the rest of the brain will be able to recreate the memory of all that content)

It is mostly practised in our culture, that we think if we're actively thinking about something or trying to learn, we can do or just by looking at studying material or repeating it again and again in the mind or on the tongue, this is called Meta-cognition, where our Brain creates persuasions and opinions itself for certain unusual incidents and practices.

While rewriting the learnt information can help you a lot in long-term memory instead of cramming.


Our country is going through precarious conditions, every time we import items instead of exporting them. What is the reason? Reason can be easily understood but the consequences are heart-wrenching and disappointing.

We're not creating the way we ought to be, we tend to rely upon others for necessities because we are takers, not givers, since this is the root cause in our system throughout the educational pathway, and we traded for cramming instead of creativity.

It can be seen that whenever any disease emerged in the world, countries like the US, Sweden, France, China, and Japan are always ahead in bringing forth new medicines and research because they're curious about innovations and creations, and they do not depend upon anyone else to take a step and do something because they've been taught through this way, their study is conceptual, which is clearing their opinions for studies rather than cramming.

Our medical officers, doctors, and nurses have not produced any treatment for any disease, their degree is considered to be a tough degree but what is the benefit of reading several difficult books when they can't bring forth any outcome, which can be beneficial for human welfare.

The same is the case with engineers despite paying the huge fee in universities, they are not able to get a suitable job for their bread and butter, and secondly, they are not encouraged for their actual fieldwork.

They are methodical, rational, analytical and logical people but their all traits die, when they're not trained well in engineering school due to unnecessary dependency upon cramming, they need to work practically in fields and sites etc.

They are asked to solve the problems, memorise theories and sometimes to remember problems too.

Our country is paying high for this loss, which can be realised by looking at the current conditions of the country, they are not able to contribute to the country’s economy by playing their respective roles in concerned fields, which is a clear collapse in our system.

Therefore we’re facing several issues in developing Pakistan


Our educational system's redundant dependency on cramming in every exam, test or interview has completed destroyed our creative and innovative minds, even the students at higher tiers focus on cramming rather than learning the concepts properly, this practice has paralysed our thinking capacities.

It has killed our rational and quick responsive traits badly.

Still, we have time to reform our system and save our education by eliminating cramming on a large scale which has overcome our minds dreadfully.