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The art of the Painter

“A picture can paint a thousand words.” By Swaiba Asif In our previous issue, we discussed the topic of the skill of calligraphy and its imp...

“A picture can paint a thousand words.”

By Swaiba Asif

In our previous issue, we discussed the topic of the skill of calligraphy and its importance. Everyone has some hidden talents which many people recognize and if they start working to enhance their skills, they could achieve their goals easily and it would also provide many benefits to them in their future life activities. The skill we are going to discuss in this issue is PAINTING, the art of a painter.

Painting is an art form that surfaces images to canvas or other materials by applying paints, pigments, and other mediums. There are several different media used for painting like oils, acrylics, watercolor, etc.

A painter has the ability to convert his imaginations into a piece of art.  It requires creative skills to paint images on canvas or any other surface.

There are various stages of painting that include preparing the surface, under-painting or blocking in colors, laying the paint, and blending colors.

The main functions of paintings are that they can transport you to a different time and place, evoke varied emotions from within the society, provide inspiration to people who love creative arts, etc. Following are the important functions of paintings:–

  • To express an idea or a thought
  • Beautiful view of nature and objects
  • Memories and different emotions associated with the painting
  • Helps in relaxation and meditation
  • Inspiration for creative people
  • Acquisition of knowledge about history, culture, etc. through paintings
  • Invention of new form-styles and themes
  • Aesthetically pleasing paintings and pictures
  • Visual learning and knowledge about things around us through photographs.

How can you improve this skill?

It is true that some people just naturally seem to be better than others in terms of skill and creativity, but there are many artists who have not even received formal training, yet they paint very beautifully. According to me, anyone can learn how to paint.

You can begin with small canvases until you get used to handling paints, brushes, etc. You should be able-bodied enough to carry out all of your painting activities without getting tired too soon which might lead to your paintings being sloppy. Try different styles and themes. There is no end to creativity and imagination, so don’t limit yourself to a particular style or theme. You can always try your hand at something new.

In Pakistan, different fine arts courses are offered from time to time to provide exposure and experience and learning of new methods which will help you to polish your skill.

Job Opportunities

Fine Artist.
Instructor or Professor.
Independent Curator.
Art Therapist.
Arts Administrator.
Art Restoration Specialist.
Visiting Artist.
Interior designer.
Painting is also fun when you don’t give it the kind of importance that you give your studies or any other work. This way it can be enjoyed like a break from your regular stressful routine. Paint whenever you feel like it, for no reason at all, and see how it helps you unwind.