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The language of Computers

Written by Hamda Ijaz In the world of computers, coding is a skill that will pay you off in many ways if learnt. Coding is used to develop ...

Written by Hamda Ijaz

In the world of computers, coding is a skill that will pay you off in many ways if learnt. Coding is used to develop apps, websites and softwares. Everything that happens on computers, televisions and mobile phones is due to coding. When you scroll through your social media or when you play a game, it all works due to coding.

What is a code & how does it work?

A Code tells the computer what to do, but that’s just the summary of it. Computers don’t understand words, they only understand ON and OFF. In fact, that is what the computer is, a data collection of ON and OFF. Binary code represents the ON and OFF function. To make binary codes manageable, computer programming languages were formed. These programming languages are CODES.

Each computer application requires a properly written code to know what to do. What happens is that code gives computers a step-to-step guide on how to function. Many different coding languages have been formed for different purposes.


There are more than 700 coding languages. But you don’t have to learn all of them. Only a dozen of these 700+ are commonly used. Some of the programming languages are Ruby swift, JavaScript, Objective C, Visual Basic etc. Beginners learning coding can learn any of the following as these are popular and easier to learn. HTML, Java, Python and a few more. 

Although you can learn any language, it is all based on your interests and what you want to do after you learn coding.

Where to learn coding?

In the current situation of a pandemic, it is very difficult for people of any age to get out and do something. The world has all come to an online mode. While this situation induced stress everywhere, it has also taught us many useful things. One of which is easing the way to online learning. You can learn not only coding but any skill you want from many different platforms. These platforms are verified and a great way to learn anything anywhere.

Some of these popular and trusted sites are Codecademy, edx, Coursera, Khan Academy, Udacity etc.

And while on it, you will also need to know about some coding editors, which is the place you will write your code. Some good code editors are: Notepad++, Bluefish, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code e.t.c.

Apart from these, you can attend some bootcamps to learn this skill like Flatiron, Codesmith, Wyncode. Games like Minecraft, robocode, lightboat actually teach coding skills.

Is learning coding difficult?

Learning how to code is the same as learning a foreign language. To learn it efficiently, you only need to have a basic understanding of computers. Although, learners having a few soft skills are able to learn better. Skills such as good attention, technology skills, creative writing skills and abstract thinking are helpful in learning coding languages.

Careers in Coding

Learning a new skill all comes down to your dedication and smart work. So in the 21st century, you can do anything you want as long as you are willing enough to do it.

After learning coding, you have a wide choice of careers to pursue. You can be a webmaster, a digital marketing analyst, a marketer or a technical writer. These aren’t the only careers that coding is limited to. For instance, coding skills can come in handy when you have a business and want to have a well-made website. You won’t have to hire a web designer at that time as you will be able to do it yourself.