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New girl in the city

Written by  Aneeza Atif Dreams of independence with a glint of joy, a sense of responsibility and enduring it, memories of the past and plea...

Written by  Aneeza Atif

Dreams of independence with a glint of joy, a sense of responsibility and enduring it, memories of the past and pleasant hopes for the future; I am a new girl in a city I hardly know. Before coming to this place one thing or should I say the only thing I was certain of was that this would be an ultimate learning process. Today, after having spent almost a month in this not-so alien environment I have realized that this assumption was an understatement. I have done things I never thought I would do otherwise, I have met people from places I never knew existed, all this while adapting to an environment wholly different to me. Not to lie, the first day I thought I would possibly never adjust in here. Currently, after a couple of weeks and experiences both good and bad, I have lowkey started to like this new dawn in life! It has made me realize what the comfort of home means and how we humans take it as something very typical. The sense of possession, comfort and safety offered by one’s house can never be met at any place on earth. The privilege of taking things according to your customized schedules and not following definite timings is an unmatched bliss. This little era of living in segregation from my family has taught me the value of family and living with them. If you ponder at things, it is strange how unknowingly your schedules are entangled with each other, lives interconnected and tasks divided.  It is divine the way we eat together and discuss all that life offers! When you look at the clock and realize what activity would be going on back at home and that mere thought makes you nostalgic, know that you had a perfect life back home. This realization does not intend to give you negative vibes for future settling but one can take it as a session of counting your blessings. 

This city is bizarre. Life is too fast-paced at one moment and deadly slow at the other. People belonging to certain backgrounds settled without some sort of defined native language. Supreme distances between places have somewhat originated detachments in the hearts! I have not seen people meeting or relaxing here, lives are mechanical and programmed. The essence of concern lacks to some extent. All these hectic schedules have resulted in minds being preoccupied and routines tough. With all these drawbacks, this place has weather impossible to explain. It possesses the ability to provide a gloomy aura for a while and it gives you a sense of contentment the very next. When rain falls, this city lights up! The green pastures and rocky peaks all live up. Another anomalous thing about this place is that it remains exceptionally quiet every time. This can be temporarily soothing and calming but as days pass it gets depressing and creates a dreary atmosphere. The well-planned infrastructure of the city enlists it among one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. The five lanes of now Srinagar highway are part of almost any route and destination. Yes, you got that right; we were discussing Islamabad all this while.

Change is an inevitable process. We as human’s fear change more than anything. We dread almost anything other than normal. This surely is a remarkable change in my life. I have started to adore my city even more now. I miss the noise and crowd, the concept of caring and being there for each other and the ambience in general. This city surely is an embodiment of the famous proverb “all that glitters is not gold”. I am hopeful of creating prime memories here and spending remarkable days. Change, once you adjust to it can be very much essential for your mental wellbeing. Sometimes in order to love a place, we have to leave it or maintain distance. The same goes for people too but let’s leave that for later. Aspiring for good days to follow in the light of the quote,

        “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”